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EasyGo Children's Doodle Pad-TheKiddiCo

EasyGo Children's Doodle Pad

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The Perfect Pad for Your Kids Entertainment

As parents and caregivers in 2020, we're constantly looking for new ways to entertain our little "bundles of joy". A lot of us choose digital toys, such as tablets or smartphones, which can be expensive to replace and annoying to keep charged. The truth is kids still love old-fashioned entertainment.

The EasyGo Doodle Pad is a blank canvas for your child use and it allows their imagination to let loose! Get them off the screen and into a state of focused-bliss with this limitless drawing toy. If they drop it, no problem! Make the smart choice, and save $1,000's of dollars with this simple treasure!


Endless Entertainment- No dead batteries, no bugs or glitches, and no complaints! The 12 vibrant watercolor chalk pens and pages of blank slate provide your child with endless ways to express their creativity. While they're drawing, the kids are enhancing their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative capacity! A true win-win for parents and kids!

On-the-Go Fun- Don't you hate telling them "NO"? NO, you can't bring the iPad to the restaurant! Or, NO, you can't bring the spaceship, it won't fit in my purse! With the EasyGo Doodle Pad, you'll never have to let your kids down ever again. It's 8"x8" size and slim width fits easily into bags or car compartments. Whether you're in the car, at a restaurant, or in the house, the EasyGo Doodle Pad will be there to provide hours of fun!

Safe & Easy- Kids will be kids. They love to throw objects across the room, jump and step on breakable things, and mostly get into trouble! Stop replacing iPad screens, and go the Easy route. The EasyGo Doodle Pad is the most durable and enjoyable toy your kid will have. Your walls are safe with these pens, they are washable and dust-free! 

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